Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's been a while continued.....

James is super busy with work ,school,being dad and husband, scouts leader and takes on little side jobs. He is enjoying school. It's been tough since he hasn't gone to school for years but he is AWSOME and I'm proud of him for all the hard work he does for our family. For those who don't know James is going into the Firefighter/Paramedic field. I love him and appreciate him for his hard work. I don't tell him enough.
As for me just being a busy mom full-time and I am working at a salon part-time and at home I am working some too. I need a new job since I'm not making enough money. So if any one knows of any p/t night's or weekend jobs let me know.
We are having tough times right now making ends meet (I know a lot of people in this boat too). How do people do it now days????? grrr. Anyways I want to thank everyone who has helped us out. I can feel your prayers. We are blessed with love and support from our family and friends. We sure appreciate all the help we have been given in many ways. We WILL pay it forward someway somehow. Well thats a little info on us I will try to post more often and get some pics on here. I had to post 2 post so look down and see the first part of this post.

Its been a while....

Update on us...

I"ll start with Ashlynn, she is doing the best she has ever done in school right now. She is in dance and does really well. She loves to giggle and say's "just kidding" a lot.( I wonder where that came from.) She is very creative always drawing and making new things. She is so beautiful inside and out. She will turn 8 soon and be baptized!
Preston is my calm one. He is the peacemaker in the house. His pre-school teacher says he is ready for kindergarten already and he is very helpful to the other kids in class and is a very good example. He is funny. He loves to laugh. He cracks me up! I'm glad he's mine!
Addi Addi Addi gotta love that girl! She is one busy little bee. Hard to keep up with sometimes, but she is a curious 2 year old after all. She just got a new big girl bed and now in potty training mode yay! She is talking up a storm and she is a little singer. I love it when she holds a note!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kids say the darndest things!

Preston: No no no no in a whimpering voice. I asked whats wrong he was so distraught and he finally said its Ashlynn..... I want a new sister.
-We were sitting on the couch looking out the front window and it was raining. He said mom the house is the ship and the road is the water. And then later we will take the submarine, as he pointed to the car.
-We were trying to pick up the house and told Ashlynn to help and she wouldn't then Preston in stern voice yells at Ash DO YOU LIKE LIVING IN A MESSY HOUSE?
-Then he was bickering with the friend from next door who was over at our house. And they both believed they were right next thing I hear. WELL IT'S MY HOUSE AND I'M THE BOSS!
Boy O Boy

Monday, May 2, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

Here's a much over due post

We have done so much lately. I just have been busy with work and working opposite shift from the hubby just have found no time to blog. I do have an extra day off from work now so hopefully I will post more often. I like blogging and writing down the cute stuff my kids do. Speaking of which here is Preston's(4) latest... He was singing The Itsy Bitsy Bpider to Addi and it came out The Itsy Bi*chy Spider. That happened a few days a go and I still can't stop cracking up about it.
Ashlynn(6) is a busy first grader and she does dance and hands down she is one of the best dancer in her class. Her school class is a different story she struggles a little but I think she will catch on fast. She has learned so much this year and I'm so proud of her.Ashlynn beats to her own drum that's for sure. Addison (1) is the sparkle of the family her sweet little spirit makes life great. She is almost 17 months old she is starting to talk a lot and she said Ashlynn and Preston's names for the first time last week. She has personality that's for sure. As for James he just had his 34th bday yesterday and we went to sizzler on Monday and last night I made him one of his favorite meals and he likes brownies instead of cake. The kids made him cards and gave him balloons. The we went out for ice cream. As for me just working and being mom and loving my family more everyday.